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Many patients in the United States suffer from symptoms and discomfort related to their digestive tract. Many over-the-counter medications and prescription medicines are taken to control these symptoms. At V5 Medical Center our gastroenterologists are specialists in diseases of the digestive tract. Some of the common conditions treated are:

At V5 Medical Center a gastroenterologist will use a number of techniques to visualize the digestive tract. Two commonly performed procedures are colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. These procedures will help the gastroenterologist evaluate and diagnose various problems such as:


Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer among men and women. Colon cancer is also the most preventable and curable at 90% if discovered and treated early.

In keeping with V5 Medical Center vision of preventing before curing, the colonoscopy is one of the best tools to help ensure good health. It is recommended that everyone age 50 and older should be screen for colorectal cancer.

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